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1. General ability (12q)
2. Computer science (12q)
3. C/C++ (12q)
4. Java. (12q)

All the questions are mandatory. No negative marking.

Section 1

Q1. Intels first processor is

1) 4004
2) 8080
3) 8086

Q2) Founder of Microsoft corporation

1) Bill Gates
2) Billgates and ---
3)Bill gates and Paul Allen
4) Billgates and ----

Q3) Odd man out

1) Internet Explorer  
2) Alt Vista
3) Netscape Navigator
4) Opera

Q4) Which of the following is not a database

3) MySQL
4) Informix

Q5) Laura C---  is CEO of

1) Oracle
3) Hp
4) Intel

ANS: She is CEO of HP

Q6) SUN Micro systems SUN stands for

1) Simple Unified Network
2) Solaris Unified Network
3) None of the above.

Section 2:

Q1) IRC stands for

ANS: Internet Relay chat

Q2) ICQ stands for  

Q3) The protocol used to translate Internet address to Network address is

1) IP
2) TCP
3) ARP

Q4) In some OS the option that the system provides to communicate with other process is

1) IPC (Inter Process Communication)

Q5) VPN stands for

ANS: Virtual Private Network.

Q6) The time taken to transfer data from one place to other place or  process within specified time is

1) Throughput
2) Latency time
3) Response time

Q7) The  time complexity for which of the following is O(n log n)

1) Radix sort
2) Quick sort
3) Shell sort
4) Bubble sort.

Q8) Which of the following is used pass the packets between networks

1) Bridges
2) Router
3) Gateways

Section 3:

Q1) Which of the following can be used to print % to the screen

1) printf ("\%");
2) printf ("\%");

Q2) How many times the loop is executed?

int i=3;

1) 3
2) Infinite
3) 0
4) 2

Q3) What is the output of the following program?

int 1=10;
printf("%d %d %d ",i,++i,i++);

1) 10 11 11
2) 11 11 10
3) 10 11 10
4) None of  the above

Q4) What is the output of the following program?

printf("%d %d %d",x,y,z);

Q5) What is the output of the following program?

void xyz(char a[10])
int i;

1) 10
2) cant say
3) 2
4) same as size of pointer.

Q6) Local Variables is stored in which part of the memory

1) register or heap
2) heap
3) register or stack

Q7) Which of the following can be shared by programs?

1) Text Code
2) Data segment
3) heap memory

1. General section : computer science general knowledge 
2. Computer science general: simple questions 

Q1) HP acquired this company in 2002. Which is the company?
a) Compaq
b) Dell
c) Option 3
d) Option 4

ANS: a 

Q2) What does 3G denote?
a) 3rd generation mobile communication 
b) 3rd generation computer languages 
c) option 3 
d) option 4

ANS: a 

Q3) An application program that is used by the users to get the information from the back end of some application like databases:
a) application server 
b) proxy server 
c) database server 
d) option 4 

ANS: database server 

Q4) Which of the following is not true about the e-mail 

a) it can be accessed by a client program using POP 
b) it can be accessed by a client program using imap protocol 
c) option 3 
d) option 4
Q5) Some question regarding the company and who developed it ( the thing to remember is that Apple produce Macintosh computers). 

Q6) What is X.25?
a) option 1             
b) option 2             
c) option 3             
d) option 4

Questions on C/C++, Programs O/P Etc. 
Q1) How many times will the print f  be executed? 

main( ) 
unsigned int i=3; 
while( i .=0) 
printf( "%d", i--); 

a) 0             
b) 3             
c) 4             
d) infinite 

ANS: infinite

Q2) What is the output of the following program?

main( ) 
int x,y, z; 
z= x+++y; 
printf("%d %d %d", x, y z); 

a) 3 5 7             
b) option 2                 
c) option 3             
d) option 4 

ANS: a 

Q3) What is the output of the following program?

# define swap(a,b) temp=a; a=b; b=temp; 
main( ) 
int i, j, temp; 
if( i . j) 
swap( i, j ); 
printf( "%d %d %d", i, j, temp); 

ANS:  10, 0, 0. 

Java Section: 

Q1) Java was initially code named as:
a) Oak                 
b) green                
c) miller                 
d) option 4 

ANS: Oak 

Q2) What is not true about the following statements about java?
a) It is compiled using java C compiler 
b) The compiled files have .class extension. 
c) Such files cannot be transferred from one comp to another. 
d) They use the java interpreter 

ANS: c 

Q3) Why is the synchronize used? 

a) To initialize multiple objects
b) O lock an object 
c) Option 3 
d) Option 4 


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