2 September 2016

Optel Vision

Project Assembler – Technician, Campinas Brazil

Under the authority of Team Leader (Manufacturing/ Production) the Project Assembly Technician is responsible for initial assembly and dis-assembly of all our computerized systems.

To assemble components (electrical, mechanical and pneumatic), respecting project and schematic plans as approved by our customers. This position will work closely with other departments to maintain a continuous work flow supporting the project manufacturing plan.

Job Responsibilities Include: ·
Removing and fitting Optel Vison designed systems; Assembly of various components such as: Electrical and control panel (HMI) installation / assembly, Various pneumatic components, assembly, General Mechanics as needed to assemble electro-mechanical systems.
Technical Skills Required:

Make adjustments and settings for parts to be mounted

Followed by assembly plans (schematics) respecting our quality standards

· Perform the drilling, tapping and cutting assembly parts, various metals and materials

· Electrical connections and wiring

· Basic programming of certain components (via software menus)

· Preparation of hard drives with the required operating systems

· Configuring installed components such as printers, code readers, sensors and controllers. Integrate OEM (customer owned) equipment to overall system.

· Complete understanding of various schematic (electrical and mechanical) plans.

· Ability to manage / follow and communicate on multiple tasks simultaneously

· Demonstrate flexibility and autonomy, adhering to planned deadlines and schedules.

· Motor skills and ability to handle various tools, keen sense of observation.

· Critical thinking and analytical skills required for detailed troubleshooting

· Focused on teamwork and coordination with colleagues. Must follow procedures and quality assurance protocols.

· Good work ethic, positive attitude and good adaptability

Previous Training / Experience Required:

· Technical Training Certificate or Degree, in a recognized electronic technician or engineering program or school.

· A minimum of 3 years of hands-on professional experience in a related field specializing in electro-mechanical installation, machine manufacturing or repair.

· Bi-Lingual (verbal & written English) is required.

· Knowledge of IT Networking, Windows based OS and drivers, IP addressing and network troubleshooting is a plus.

Required Training and Travel: Candidate must be able to successfully complete 8 week intensive hands-on and practical training program with progressive testing at global headquarters located in Quebec, Canada. Valid Passport and local driver’s license is required. Paid travel and paid training. Company will assist to obtain a Canadian and US tourist /business visa for training.

Location and Specifics: Full-time position, employed by Optel Vision Brasil, Soluções em Tecnologia Ltda , ( a wholly-owned subsidiary of Optel Vision), located at Rua James Clerk Maxwell, 280, módulo 08, Techno Park, Campinas, CEP 13069-380 Salary and benefits, paid in BRL, according to local union agreement.